-The promenades in the glebe of the Monastery of Xiropotamos with its magnificent church are really touching.
- The works (sculptures and paintings) of the local artist uncle Zafeiris in the local café.
- The cultural centre (stone-made building).
- The temple of Saint Athanasios (in Sykia).
- The old stone-made school (in Sykia).
- The windmills on the beach (in Sykia).
- You can also visit the traditional settlement of Parthenonas, the small church of Prophet Helias and the pine area of “Psaria”.
- The Porto Carras resort and its winery.

Mount Athos is opposite Sarti. It is a monastic community, well-known for its spiritual aura and its peaceful idyllic landscape. The visit and the stay in the monasteries are only allowed to men. There is a small boat that departs from a nearby small harbour and takes you to a cruise along the western side of Mount Athos making a stop in the traditional port of Ouranoupoli.

You have the opportunity of finding beautiful beaches and crystal water in Sithonia. Apart from the beaches of Sarti, you can also visit other local beaches such as Kavourotripes, Achlada, Portokali, Tourkolimnionas and Klimataria.
Other beautiful beaches of Sithonia are those of Toroni, Azapiko, Elia, Kalogria, Kalamitsi and Paradeisos. We recommend that you have lunch in one of the restaurants of Porto Coufo,one of the most beautiful natural harbours of Greece.



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