The sea has carved its shores with excess art and has given Sarti lace shores, sandy beaches and small calm harbours. The nature has dowered Sarti with lush vegetation and with pleasant succession in the landscape. Most of all, the people that live in Sarti have showed respect to the local environment.

Nowadays, Sarti seems like one of the last paradises to the visitor that seeks for rare and virgin beauty.
A peaceful beauty that relaxes the mind and the senses in an environment full of harmony and hospitality that becomes familiar from the first moment!

Sarti is located in the east side of the peninsula of Sithonia, in Halkidiki. It is surrounded by the blue sea of the Aegean and the green mount of Dragoudeli. It comprises an ideal destination for family holidays with lots of traditional small restaurants but with intense nightlife, historical monuments and hospitable dwellers.
Not only the virgin beaches, but also the most visited ones as well as the nearby beach bars are going to be your first stop in order to discover the buried treasures of Sarti.

Sarti is 140 km. far from Thessaloniki and you can come here by car, taxi or bus.
- Bus service of Thessaloniki: Tel. (+30) 2310 9244444
- Bus service of Polygyros: Tel. (+30) 23710 22309

You can reach Thessaloniki by airplane or boat
- Airport “Macedonia”: Tel. 2(+30)310 985000 and 2(+30)310 473212
- Port of Thessaloniki: Tel. (+30) 2310 531505



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